Organizations that Support Parents and Families

The following organizations provide support for parents and families. They advocate  the important role of families in their children’s education-especially in the mathematics area.


Mission & Description

California Mathematics Council (CMC)-link for families

The role that parents, guardians, and families play in student success in mathematics is as powerful as that of teachers! Parents personal experiences, attitudes, understandings (and misunderstandings!) are often transferred to students. As your child’s chief role model, you can do so much to assist and support your child’s learning of mathematics in school.



Common core based lesson plans and math tasks and ways to instill positive math beliefs. Easy to use in classrooms or home by teachers and parents.

Colorín Colorado


Sitio en español:  

"Colorín Colorado is the premier national website serving educators and families of English language learners (ELLs) in Grades PreK-12."

"Colorín Colorado es el principal sitio web nacional que presta servicio a maestros y familias de estudiantes del idioma inglés (ELLs) de los grados PreK-12."

National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC)

NAEYC position statement:

NAEYC "understands how important a child's education and development are to parents and families" and so provides resources developed to support families in their early childhood education and parenting needs.  

Wondering how to support your young child? Read the position statement.

Equals and Family Math

The EQUALS programs, created by people who understand classroom and family life, present ways of learning and thinking about mathematics that help build success for all students.

Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC)



The Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC) is an organization, led by Ruth Parker, that works with schools, districts and math projects throughout the country to help them engage their parents and public in support of mathematics reform efforts.  Parents can attend the summer mathematics courses offered for teachers, funded through scholarships, and large scale community information sessions about mathematics and math reform.

Math and Parent Partnership  (MAPPS)

MAPPS, a project developed at the University of Arizona, seeks to support children and families in their learning and enjoyment of mathematics. To accomplish this, we enlist the support of children, families, teachers and schools.

Curious to know what mathematics teachers are doing? Wanting to expand your understanding of who can and should be a mathematician?

Check out these Math organizations. Search these sites for “families” and see what they have for you.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

NCTM is the public voice of mathematics education, supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development, and research.

Benjamin Banneker Association (BBA)


Banneker members are deeply committed to finding solutions to the problems that must be solved in order for African-American children to have equitable opportunities to study and achieve in mathematics.

Women and Mathematics Education (WME)


Promote leadership among women in the broad mathematics education  community.

Latinxs and Hispanics in Mathematical Sciences strives to increase the visibility of Latinx mathematicians. If you are looking for role models for your child, or to increase your own awareness of the diversity of mathematicians of color, check out this website.




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