Partner Conferences Committee

Current Members

Bernard Frost (Chair) 2020-2022
Amber Grace Candela 2018-2022
Carolina Napp-Avelli 2018-2022
Crystal Kalinec-Craig 2018-2022
Gloria Brown Brooks 2018-2022
Armando Martinez Cruz 2018-2022
Monica Lopez    2018-2022


The Partner Conferences Committee is charged to:
  • Manage and implement a system to make equitable selections for program presentations at national, regional, and large conferences with an identified TODOS strand.
  • Work with sponsors of meetings and receptions to make appropriate arrangements, assisted by the Executive Secretary.
  • Collaborate with the President to advocate for TODOS speakers/strands at relevant conferences.
  • Manage and monitor a system to distribute budgeted speaker funds.
  • Serve as a Board liaison with the Planning Committee of any conference sponsored or co-sponsored by TODOS.