Research and Publications Committee

The Research and Publications Committee is charged to:
  • Identify and disseminate research-based knowledge about the effective teaching and learning of mathematics as it relates to TODOS target populations.
  • Articulate research concerns from the perspective of mathematics teachers of target population students.
  • Ensure that all research information disseminated by the organization is current, high quality, and related to TODOS goals.
  • Work with the Awards Committee to honor outstanding research and researchers that advance TODOS goals, including the authors of new dissertations.
  • Work with other TODOS committees and other organizations to promote research in areas that support the TODOS mission and goals.
  • Coordinate the development of publications, including a TODOS print newsletter, journal, monograph, and electronic news.
  • Promote and support electronic dialogue among members.

Current Research and Publications Committee

Marta Civil - General Chair, 2020-2022

Noticias de TODOS Committee Members

Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (TEEM) Committee Members

Marta Civil (Editor in Chief)


Larry Lesser (Associate Editor)


M. Alejandra Sorto (Editor)


Ksenija Simic-Muller (Editor)


Anthony Fernandes (Editor)


Eugenia Vomvoridi (Editor)


Susie W. Håkansson (Layout Editor)


Electronic News (Enews)

Susie W. Håkansson, Editor, CA