TODOS Live! “How do I work with my newcomer students?”: Labels and their Implications for Teaching

October 6, 2022, at 4 PM Pacific

Presenters: Gladys Krause and Melissa Adams-Corral

It is undeniable that working with students always teaches us something, and many of us feel we often learn more than the students from our work together. In this webinar, we want to share learning experiences working with students in two U.S. high schools. We center our discussion on what we learned about our instruction of mathematics, the curriculum in place for teaching these students, the labels used to place students in the classrooms, and the dreams they are working towards. Specifically, we interrogate the labels newcomers and English Learners and the terms’ power to shape teacher perceptions and expectations, as well as students’ experiences. We also explore what it might mean to listen to these students and center their thinking and desires at school. This webinar invites the audience to reflect on the implications of labels in education and, more specifically, in teaching mathematics in both tracked and de-tracked schools.

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TODOS Live! Math Circles of Chicago: Free high quality math enrichment at scale

October 13, 2022, at 4 PM Pacific

Presenter: Sara Rezvi

The mission of the Math Circles of Chicago (MC2) is to create opportunities for all children across Chicago to develop a passion for mathematics. In ten years MC2 has grown dramatically, with programs in 56 sites around the city serving more than 1,000 children. MC2 has developed partnerships with community centers, homeless and domestic violence shelters, other STEM organizations, universities, and schools, and hosts annual events like its annual math symposium, QED. This presentation will provide an overview of MC2, focusing on our development of versatile activity plans and how we support our diverse teacher community.

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Robert Parris Moses Congressional Gold Medal Act

The “Robert Parris Moses Congressional Gold Medal Act” was introduced in Congress. You can read the bill text, and see other details about it here.

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With all the discourse about learning loss, we were challenged with adding something unique. This is our attempt to shift the narrative to what actually matters.


TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is a professional organization that advocates for equity and excellence in mathematics education for ALL students - in particular, Latina/o students. Founded in 2003 and with over 800 members from across the country, TODOS Members know that Equity and Excellence in Mathematics Matter! We promote Social Justice in Mathematics education and provide high-quality resources to help reach our Mission and Goals.

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