TODOS Student Awards

The TODOS Student Awards recognize students from underrepresented groups, in particular, Latina/o students at all levels. TODOS has sponsored Student Awards for students grades 5-12 since the mid 2000s. The first few years were national awards. By the late 2000s, students were selected in locations where mathematics education conferences were held and an awards ceremony honoring the students was included. Texas Instruments has sponsored the awards by providing the students with graphing calculators. Other sponsors have provided items to the students or teachers. Below is a list of recipients and photos since 2012.

Congratulations to the Student Awardees from the 2024 Student Awards Ceremony at the NCTM Regional

Award Leads: Maci Nelson

Names from left to right:
Jacqueline; Grade 8 — McClure Middle School
Alexia; Grade 9 — Chief Sealth International HS
Natali; Grade 11 — Chief Sealth International HS
Aurora; Grade 12 — Seattle Skills Center
Janluca; Grade 7 — Washington Middle School

Past Student Award Winners

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