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2019-2020 Recipients

Matemátic@s bilingües: Supporting Integration of Language and Culture in the Mathematics Classroom 

Davis Bilingual Magnet Elementary School (K-5)
Tucson, AZ
Mrs. Cate Ann Arnquist
Dr. Maura Varley Gutiérrez
Mrs. Brenda Maytorena
Implementation Year: 2020-2021

Davis Bilingual Magnet is a model dual-language school, primarily because of the unique integration of language and culture within the school community. The school is known for its caring community that embraces bilingualism, family engagement and the integration of culture. We are uniquely positioned to build on this solid foundation and expand the powerful work being done with language and culture to include mathematics learning. This grant would allow us to work with the dedicated staff at Davis Bilingual to develop three areas of professional development support to strengthen the mathematics instruction within the school. Because of the unique position that Davis has within the Tucson community and among the dual-language schools within the state, the benefits of the professional development will have the potential to expand beyond the school walls.

Bridging Teacher Learning with Student Learning Through Language and Culture in Mathematics

Colton High School (9-12)
Colton, California
Mrs. Eva Hernandez
Mrs. Jennifer Cruz
Implementation Year: 2020-2021

For the last 3.5 years the Colton High School Algebra 1 team has participated in several professional development opportunities with regard to language and math content.  These opportunities have given our teachers pedagogical content knowledge with areas such as formative assessment, discourse, and literacy. With the help of this grant, teachers will be able to make the learning from these opportunities come alive in the classroom.  The grant will provide teachers time to collaborate, practice intentional lesson planning, and apply the knowledge from our professional development. Through the work of this project, we will continue learning about the Standards for Mathematical Practice and cognitively demanding tasks to support us with creating learning experiences that will engage students in cognitively demanding tasks that pay attention to language and culture.


2018-2019 Recipients

Developing and Fostering a Positive Mathematics Identity for Multilingual Students
North Springfield Elementary School (K-5)
Springfield, Virginia
Mrs. Nichole Lindgren
Implementation Year: 2018-2019

Classroom teachers and ESOL teachers will participate in a full day of professional development to learn more about multilingual students and how to support their access and understanding of mathematics. Teachers will learn about equitable practices to develop a positive mathematics identity in students with a specific focus on what that entails for classrooms with multilingual students. Teachers will work as grade level teams to apply their learning. They will solve a mathematics task and discuss the instructional practices for a lesson that will foster the positive identities in students. Finally, teachers will develop a plan to tighten or revise their instructional practices in order to create an environment that affirms students' multilingual identities and develops positive mathematics identities.